How  it works

How it works

Spotsie offers a sophisticated mix of hardware, software, and wireless connectivity to establish communication between the oil refinery, its workers, and other assets.

Location gateways are deployed across the facility to gather nearby beacon signals. Beacons are attached to assets or carried by people. Once the infrastructure is in use, a virtual copy of the physical space appears in the Spotsie cloud, calculating beacon locations in real-time.

Spotsie is integrable with Digital Twins systems. Adding data layers, such as location data for people and assets, makes a vital step towards a fully automated and efficient industrial control system.

We don’t collect any sensitive or private information. Location data stored in the Spotsie cloud is completely anonymized. Spotsie cloud is GDPR compliant by design.

Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Spotsie provides detailed location data on static and moving objects in indoor and outdoor environments.

Spotsie cloud is a real-time signal processing pipeline. On-site data feeds into the data pipeline, where it undergoes multiple filtering stages, calibration, and multilateration to estimate the accurate position of tracked subjects.

Location data produced with Spotsie cloud integrates with other client applications such as digital twins, ERP systems, navigation applications, and many more.