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You know the old saying – birds of a feather flock together! But that is the problem with events, it’s hard to easily find people you want to meet and to get real-time feedback. Well, at least it used to be, because now you can create a unique, measurable and engaging event with Spotsie – a white – label, feature packed app that can be branded in any way you want to help you turn your event into a social experience everyone will be talking about.

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Knowledge Discovery Tool

Spotsie will provide you with powerful live insights and an ability to observe the attendees journey with built-in analytics. Measure everything and make data-backed decisions on the go. Gain competitive advantage, improve performance, respond more quickly to changes, increase profitability and most importantly - make your event stand out.


Indoor positioning

Equip your attendees with beacons that will feed you real-time data about their location, movements and whereabouts.



Once beacons are set up, attendees can use them to interact with each other, while you have the ability to react in real time.



Inside the app attendees can check the event schedule and, most importantly, see if any changes have happened.


Ratings & Feedback

Once a lecture or a presentation is done, attendees can use the app to tell you what they thought of it.



Attendees can use Spotsie to connect and meet based on common interests and create new business opportunities.

business card

Digital Card

No need for flimsy business cards – once the attendees have kicked it off, they can exchange information with a single tap.



If any change happens (and it always does), you can update your attendees live wherever they might be.


Sponsorship package

Your sponsors can neatly place their ads where they will be seen, but not be bothersome – everybody wins!


Exhibitor profile

Your exhibitors can fine tune their profile so they can be easily found and attract larger crowd.

Presentation download

Presentation download

Offer instant conference presentation downloads of each session to improve attendee education at the event.



Enable attendees to easily share highlights of sessions on their social media and improve your conference visibility.

Workshop registration

Workshop registration

Simplify and track last minute workshop applications by allowing attendees to register with just one tap.

Visualization Map

Try our interactive demo visualisation map – drag the slider and check how attendees move around the event. Even better, use the search function to filter specific interests and find people with unique interests.


Every event is unique, that’s why we tailor price to your specific needs regardless of whether you are a venue owner or a conference organizer. You’ll always pay exactly what you are getting. It all depends on the venue and event size, number of visitors, duration, location, custom features and few other details. So if you need an offer for your next big (or small!) event, reach out and we’ll get to work.


Standalone app

  • Customised app branded under your event name
  • Detailed schedule with lesson summary and speaker biography
  • Personalised attendee schedule with favourite sessions and speakers
  • Attendee and speaker profile
  • Exhibitor profile and sponsorship package
  • Digital business card
  • Ratings & feedback
  • Session presentation download
  • Takeaways
  • Workshop registration
  • Matchmaking and networking based on interests and business preferences

Engage audience with visually-rich app and create a memorable event experience.


Room level precision

Standalone app features, PLUS:

  • Indoor positioning in specific event rooms
  • One beacon per attendee
  • Basic location built-in analytics
  • Real-time visualization map
  • Attendees journey and live insights
  • Matchmaking and networking via smart algorithm

Observe attendees journey, access their measurable impressions and habits.


High fidelity precision

Standalone app features, PLUS:

  • Indoor positioning in the event venue with accuracy of less than a two meters
  • One beacon per attendee
  • Detailed location built-in analytics
  • Real-time visualization map
  • Attendees journey with correlation between their movements and specific interests
  • Advanced matchmaking via smart algorithm

Measure everything. Review your event and deep dive into the attendees movements and interactions.

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We change perspectives, twist and tweak features from every angle until we find a perfect solution that will engage your attendees. Don’t take our word for it, rather check what they have said.

Deepu K Sasidharan

XebiaLabs, JHipster co-lead

Great product with a great UI, specially for a conferences. The fact that entire area is covered gives lots of possibilities for a visitors, but also for organizers. Meeting your favorite lecturer and having the newest information on hand is very cool.

Dejan Bosanac

Red Hat

Spotsie is a great app for conferences or bigger events when you want to meet someone, find something or get more informations. You really made this conference to stand out in the crowd of similar events with beacons!

Mateja Blažević

The Change Con organizer

We loved how beacons spiced up our event! When you organize a conference for software developers, it is very difficult to engage them. But if you start speaking in their own language, everything becomes more simple. We are definitely using beacons next year.

Jovana Tomić

Conference Coordinator of the Heapcon conference

As a conference organizer, I know how important it is for attendees to have all the information in one place, just before the event starts. Alongside with the conference schedule, the usage of the Spotise app ameliorated networking by helping visitors to find others with similar interests. Add a cool bluetooth device on their lanyard, and you are in for a good conference review that will help you create even better user experience next time.


Largest Croatian software conference dedicated to enterprise solutions organized by one of the leading ICT companies located in Zagreb.

Heapcon is a regional tech conference for software engineers and tech businesses, taking place in Belgrade.


These are the ambitious and creative people behind Spotsie who will spice up your event and turn it in to a branded experience perfectly fitted just for you.

Roko Roic

Roko Roić

Founder & President

Started as an enterprise Java developer, later on switching technologies and finding his place in software development management, Roko has a vast experience in the technology field. Speaker, writer and a designated client person.

Lucija Zlatar

Lucija Zlatar

VP Product

With an emphasis on innovation-oriented startup strategies, services and products, Lucija creates a functional specifications for new features and ensures that Spotsie grows continuously just like customers’ satisfaction using it. As an Design Thinker, Lucija synthesizes users needs into tailored experience with the use of technology.

Matej Zelic

Matej Zelić

VP Growth

Matej is focused on digital and tech products and services. To this day he helped to develop some of the biggest Croatian startups and position them to be very successful companies. Data-driven guy, responsible for delivering exceptional customer experience while executing a growth strategy.


Have a question? Need a quote? Want to tell us about your event? Contact us and we’ll have our people call your people.


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