Clear skies ahead

The amount of investments we have received so far has helped us to ideate, test, and develop our product and put it on the market. Now, as we enter Industry 4.0, we are thrilled to justify the confidence and trust of our investors. As the market and the product expand, we commit to further developing and looking for new ways of expression in this exciting area.

Our current product is the first stepping stone in our vision of how Industry 4.0 will work in the near future. In this phase, we collect large amounts of positional data. To extract the full benefit, we plan to feed this data into AI/ML systems. Possibilities are endless, from predictive maintenance to intelligent disaster control and beyond.

We have been picked as one of the best startups at the Central European Startup Awards and won the Nikola Tesla Innovation Award for hi-tech innovation by the Ruđer Bošković Institute.


Fil Rouge Capital investment fund has invested over 200.000€, adding to over 600.000€ of total investments.