Other industries

Other industries

We focus on the Oil & Energy industry. However, our technology and solutions can be used elsewhere. Here’s how Spotsie benefits other industries:

Track and locate tools across construction sites. Gather information about usage and cut down on man-hours lost on asset management.

Locate doctors, patients, and equipment at hospitals. Increase safety for both medical staff and patients. Prevent theft, improve work processes, and keep the costs down.


Create unique, measurable, and engaging events and conferences. Navigate visitors to their favorite stands.

Position exhibits and navigate visitors in museums. Create digital experiences, digitalize tours, and provide additional information about exhibits as visitors walk by them.

Navigate guests and find the staff at hotels and venues. Observe the movements and whereabouts of the guests. Make data-backed decisions that will make them feel at home.

Improve the traveling experience at airports. Monitor passenger flows. Improve airport functionality and discoverability through customized location experiences.

Navigate customers directly to the stores. Increase sales by guiding customers to products. No distractions and wrong turns — just a flawless personalized shopping experience.

Improve the experience of sports fans with navigation on the stadium. Help fans bypass crowded places and guide them to their seats. Send personalized offers and boost merchandise sales.