Real-time positioning in Oil and Energy facilities.

Real-time positioning in Oil and Energy facilities.

Spotsie is an IoT based location solution for EX environments and large facilities. Download undeniable work logs, get real-time alerts on zone breaches, and prevent accidents in both outdoor and indoor environments. Spotsie provides cost-effective and high accuracy positioning and navigation, keeping your resources under control and within reach.

Unlike GPS, Spotsie works indoors every time. It costs less, and it’s more convenient. Our positioning technology offers exquisite results in accuracy reliability.  Consequently, this reduces costs, improves processes and security by minimizing administration.

Spotsie developed the first IOT track & trace solution for explosive environments. Our devices are designed and built for use in explosive environments.

Integrate your application with Spotsie using our location API. Subscribe to real-time location updates, or query the location data when you want to.

How it works

Coin-sized wearable which emits low energy signals to nearby gateways. It is battery-independent and can be placed on equipment or name-tags.

Custom auto-calibrating receiver scans for signals emitted by beacons and processes them before sending the data to our positioning cloud.

A magical place where big-data is aggregated and processed in real-time to calculate accurate locations for tracked assets. The cloud can be a hybrid solution for sensitive IT environments.

Real-time data and historical reports can be consumed through the Spotsie dashboard and mobile apps, as well as integrated into Digital twins, ERPs, or other client-based solutions using Spotsie API.

Get powerful insights and observe staff and assets' journey with built-in analytics. Measure everything and make data-backed decisions on the go.

Spotsie provides various alarm functionalities in case of an emergency. The Smart Inactive Alarm activates in the case of inactivity, while The Fall Detector Alarm activates in the case of falling from a height.

Use data to improve contractor and employee performance. This will allow you to respond more quickly to changes and instability, gain competitive advantage, and increase profitability.

Spotsie has already increased efficiency and security of an oil refinery.

Spotsie has already increased efficiency and security of an oil refinery.

We have been picked as one of the best startups at the Central European Startup Awards and won the Nikola Tesla Innovation Award for hi-tech innovation by the Ruđer Bošković Institute.


Fil Rouge Capital investment fund has invested over 200.000€, adding to over 600.000€ of total investments.